Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chris Brown is a PunkDude.

Can take the biggest L on the planet. That nigga doesn't deserve to preform any such Tribute, Performance, ect. I mean, mistakes I can understand. That Light Skined Biotch new exactly he was poundin' on Rihstupid's face when he was doing it. So for all of you talking about Jay and stuff (you'll probably get maced), it ain't his fault he has a good relationship with Rihstupid[...] as colleges. I mean, all the GhettoGlamGossipGirls love him for whatever bull reason. He can dance, yes. He can sing, sure. He can be Gosh Golly Homo-sess-u-all. But I don't care. That one CHOICE he made, made me hate him for life.

If you want to get like, all political, try me, I can back everything I say. And no, I haven't gone over everything because I want Y'ALL to get at them comments and tell me how you think about Chris Brown and how he continues to set us back years in the struggle.

R&B dancin' ass, sexy flexy ass nigga." (c)riley.

oh, &trust me. I will GET to Rihstupid soon.



  2. i love himm!!!!!! boo jz..his crusty ass needs to go somewhere and rihanna needs to be deported! who gave her her green card?