Monday, June 29, 2009

Young Money Pedophiles.

Yeah. If you all didn't see that trife ass performance, you missed a treat! Seriously! Okay, first Drake comes through with his Best I Ever Had joint. I been listening to it, not a big deal. Now, this is where it gets to be pedophile-esque. Drake intro's Lil Troll and he comes on singing. Like, ACTUALLY TRYING singing. And then he was like, "And own that: OH!" with a head twirl and hair spin included. I lol'd hard at that. After which the NiggaSquad Comes in. Man, I wish I could bless, (more like curse), y'all with a video, but they're all down ATM. So the nig squad come in. And I think, right After(?) Drake's chopped part, the lil' tykes come out. I feel so bad for these babies (c)grandmavoice. So, peoples is watchin' goin', "What The Hell Is This?" (c)mims. I was as well. So All Im saying is that, Drake, it maybe not be your fault completely that you have a torn ACL. Understandable. It ain't your fault you can't move.

But a Large Grin & your arm around a girl whispering to her while "I Wish I Could *BLANK* Every Girllll Innn Thaaaa Worlllldddd" is a no no.

You Pedophile "Light Skinned Biotch!" (c)chrisrock

seriously. dude and the YMP squadron needs to get they shit correct before coming on stage with that mess.

this is why we continue to set ourselves back by years at a time.

update! found the video, of course by

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