Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best I Ever Had (Video)

I was bumpin' Drake before the groupies & haters showed up, so shut'fuvv'up (yes, thats how I say it sometimes). So here's the Kanye Directed, Drake Pedophile'd (Horny Coach + Bitties in Tank Tops = SVU's involvement.) video for the [old ass] street single for So Far Gone, one of the dopest mixtapes of the year. And Im saying that BEFORE all the groupies & haters are getting a hold of it. I still dont get the point of buying a single for 99cent off iStupid when its on a free mixtape. But whatever.

get me a video for, Lust For Life, Houstatlantavegas, A Night Off, Little Bit, Uptown, & Brand New. Then I’ll think about forgetting all your little mishaps, Drakie.

So, after you've seen me rant, WATCH THE VIDEO!

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