Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bored Now.

Lol. I found my demographics. .5% likely gay couples living in a house in medford. So, that doesn't account for the Moccasin wearing, Bruno Walking, Hair Flipping; lemme stop. I diss people too fucking much. It's getting to be like, something that's like, embedded into my speech.

"Hey Sierra! DID YOU SEE THEM SHOES?! No wait, I mean, did you see Burn Notice?"

Lol. It's terrible. I need to stop and just, yawn. I should stop being the BastardDemon Leviathan and get to being more nice. I need to laugh more. Lol, I choke at Family Guy, every time a watch it. Lmfao. "P. Tear Griffen." wow. I need to just:


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