Monday, July 13, 2009

Dashin' Fashion:

Lets talk about Plaid & Flannel. I have, ONE. One Plaid/Flannel shirt. It's pretty much the one above. but made by Mecca and it has smaller squares. I absolutely love these. I don't know why, I just do. They are just really, statement point blank like. I am like, on a crusade to find more. Any ideas on where to get them? Seriously. And as I sit here and half watch a James Bond movie, contemplate going outside and disobeying direct orders, and wondering about the kid I'm calling BRUNO in my "The Music Man" pit (fuck Shipoopi, that shit is hard.)--

i wonder.
where I can get some plaid-flannel.

(oh, and im terrible, but that aricept Alzheimer commercial is hilarious. "WHAT A PLEASENT SUPRISE!" hahahahahahahaha)

y'all already know, hit up that comment box, follow, bookmark, all that stuff!

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