Friday, July 10, 2009

Man. Internet Bites Sometimes.

I dont understand the internet sometimes. I mean, sometimes you Need like Wikipedia, Myspace, Facebook, 2dopeboyz, ect.. But, shit is a hassle! (c)nasir As you all know, my internet has been being a total pain since last night. All day I've been clicking my mouse over and over trying to have things load. And then I just, disconnected everything, reconnected and Im back up. that made me SMH like, super hard. And this brings me to my point:

The internet has dumbed down dissing/beefing.

(don't know where that came from? me either). Now adays, disses go over YouTube with some random attempt for more Facebook friends, Twitter follows blah blah. i mean like, Rappers with seriously, INCLUDE THEIR TWITTER NAMES IN RAPS? too much. I just saw that INSPECTOR DECK, one of the wutang cats put a diss of Mouse Budden. I don't understand why in the world he would, but he did. Now, the internet fanboys/girls/e-thuggers are making this a Mouse v. Wu Tang/Slaughterhouse v. Wu Tang thing. I shake my head. It's dumb shit. Mosue was talking about the travesty of a Best Rapper Bracket. I understood what he was saying completely. To me, it was a terrible list. And if it wasn't for the INTERNET, this shit would have never happened.

2Pac & Big didn't do that internet beef shit. They both did that real shit and offed each other. SMH. Jay & Nasir didn't do it e-Thug style either.

But it's whatever.

This is the type stupid shit Im talking about.
this is why we continue to fail.

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