Sunday, July 26, 2009

more Slaughterhouse.

Nothing exclusive, I just want to explain why I like them so much as to make them my 100th post, spazz like I did, and such. Eh, they have straight lyrics. Hooks are like, at an absences, which Is lovely, it makes me think of DOOM (#3). They niggas are just-- cool. they are on the internet, reaching more of the Hip hop heads, other then that radio shit. I like lyrics. Hooks are alright, but when some shit like the song, Slaughterhouse, comes on, straight lyrics back to back, medulla mashing metaphors, spinal smashing similies, ass aching alliteration, it's all so dope to me. And Im not showing favoritism, cause

If there was new Lupe; I'd be oof the wall.
If there was new Nas; I'd be oof the wall.
If there was new MF DOOM; I'd be oof the wall.
If there was new Kanye West; I'd be oof the wall.
& can't say much on Jay cause he already has new ish out now and I was spazzin.

so yeah. Slaughterhouse = Dope Shit Lyrics. Dope Shit Lyrics = Me Likey.

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