Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr. Brown.

can die.

reading a teleprompted apology?
bitch ass pussy ass punk ass rnb dancin ass sexy flexy ass nigga.

I hate him, and ALL Domestic Abusers with equal passion. Im not even going to get to Rihanna, she did nothing wrong but believe that there was a chance with this prick.

Im surprised that Jay didn't blow up a bunch of Chris Brown Albums in D.O.A.
no, Im not giving him another chance.


  1. he was sorry..and cliff you need a life. what was he supposedto do freestyle it and mess up thn ppl would rly get on him. suck-z didnt blow his albums up cuz chris makes better music..jay z needs to lay down and die! rihannas bitch as should be deported. he doesnt need another chance from you. cuz your not important.!

  2. Jay-Z has been in the game since before Chris Bitch's Bitchass could even understand the word, "music."

    Better speak from the heart than read some teleprompter bullshit. I would have thought about thinking about thinking about forgiving him if he had messed up a couple times on a genuine apology.

    My Importance to a lot of people > Chris Brown's Importance to me & half the world.

  3. sure ohkaii.....