Friday, July 10, 2009


yeah, my stuff has been bugging all day, no posts. here, I'll leave y'all with this punk ass Fuck'Riley video. I think, personally, he needs to be banned, like that Nappy Headed Hoes dude. Don King? I forgot what his name was. Oh, I'll leave some other videos too.

Budden replies to The Deck in words, not lyrics.

New Twista shit that looks very dope. Category 5 dropping July 17 I believe.

Jayceon trying his hardest to get at Jay-WillMaceANigga-Z. BP3 niggas! Rappers already mad.

Bill O'Fuckery trys to get at Micheal (Will) Jack(You)son.

& I will post the "The One" trailer in another post cause... It's Slaughterhouse.

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