Friday, July 3, 2009

Yo, Lil Wayne Related:

Is Weezy getting back to his Mixtape Dedication-ish lyircs? We all know Wayne is best on Official mixtapes like Dedication shit. Well, I was just listenin' to Told Y'all and DEAR LORD, that Troll goes in super. Anyone who wants to say that track didn't go in is taking the L. And now Im listenin' to Dedication 2 right now, "Dedication 2". That is and will always be the collection of my favorite Lil Wayne Tracks, end story.

"Wake Up Mudda'fuckas, It's Weezy you gotta a problem, Hats the them bangers no victims we still mobbin', Shiney black coop at night look like a Goblet, AK on the back seat, baby its so vivrant, Watch me let it spray like a hydrant, can't dodge it, You ain't gettin' wet in the rain, its not logic--"

OooohhhhBabbby! (c)jay-z. So, if he does come back with that straight Gudda Hot Spitta Rapidfire Kill'A'Nigga'In'His'Lyrical'Sleep Shit, Imma be scared for y'all rappers who all want to get on a song with him. He will eat you alive then take the track for himself. Jeez. That's just if he comes back with the Straight Head-on lyrics. If he stay on this wack Auto-Tune "Every Girl" type stupid shit, then maybe Jay or Nas or Lupe or DOOM or Mos could murk his career.

That's just my thoughts. Get at that comment box!

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