Sunday, July 19, 2009


Is retarded.

My peoples (niggas) are getting on my nerves. I mean, we are a bunch of Hooliganic'Following Bastards. I mean, first it's everyone jumping on the bandwagon of your newly loved "#1 Rapper". Most recently: Drake, le Pedo. Before that: Lil Weezy (Wayne), The Trizzy (Troll). The list doesn't really go back because y'all stupid asses were probably bumpin' N*Sync & some ol' shit. It's SMH'able.

And then it moves to fashion. Skinny Jeans were first. Dear god I hate these damn things. I will burn them. Them those bullishin' ish. And then it moves on to the colors. Pastle Purple. Gastric Gas Green. Yaggin' Yellow. Bullshittin' Blue. It's F'd. And it moves to the Mohawks. What the hell is this shit? Y'all having a confliction of interest with your race? You don't like how your hair was a month ago?

You Niggas. get your own style. Seriously.
Y'all be wearing MultiColored Skinny Jeans, Mohawks, the Supras that are too (fuckin') small for your feet. Blah Blah Blah. Whatever.

I mean; it's getting worse.
much. much. worse.
see below.

*all videos are from youtube and I don't have permission. but who gives a damn, these videos show what I'm saying.

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