Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sign Keep Drop (Groups!)

Sign: Okay, so were onto groups today. I think I'll probably keep it Hip Hop. Um, lets get started. Signing? I'm taking Slaughterhouse. Now, on a Fan side, I love Slaughterhouse. End of story. On a business side, they are the biggest Internet phenom right now. End to your story. The (absolutely Internet fueled) Slaughterhouse album is pushing 25-50k first week? dope. Not sure if that counts for crap, but I think this is pretty good being a Internet group. Where the Internet downloads your shit and forgets to actually buy it. Otherwise, I want Slaughterhouse. I'd make them bigger than Soulja Boy's bullshitting fan base.

Keep: Outkast. There album Speakerboxx/Love Below went Diamond? DIAMOND? Your mine until death do us part. Lyrics? Top Notch. Fan Base? Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE has heard of Outkast. People will buy. I mean, on the label, things would actually be being released, so people wont be like, missing Big and Dre during hiatus'. Mixtapes. Random single song drops to keep people interested. All that good good. So Outkast + Regular Music = Holding Your Spot as Dopest Two Man Group.

Drop: Sorry Wu Tang Clan, I feel like this was coming. I mean, you guys were dope way back when. Your relevancy is dipping. No albums in, ever, just compilations with all y'all on 'em and RZA producing all of it. I mean, artists in Wu Tang are over dope. Just, the group together wouldn't work. I'd Sign & Keep Raekwon, Ghost, & Meth in a hot second. Everyone else, not so much. I would just keep it more solo, which your all doing now, so yeah. it'd be good to have a big group feature on someones album once in a while like House of Flying Daggers; other then that, just no. And you have controversy that the label wouldn't need. Totally.

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