Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MTV'S Hottest MC (Really?) List.

I'll post my thoughts every so often.

#10, Raekwon, The Chef: I think this was a good spot for 'kwon. I mean, judging by the internets, OBFCL II owned the shit out of BP3. Sales, not so much. SONGS? Yes. Plus, nigga beefin' with Budden, nigga bringing Wu Back, RAE got the streets talking alot lately. And lyrics are still Coka Nostra & INTERESTING. damn. 10 years and the nigga can still rap about Slinging Powder out a Pyrex Pot.

#9, 50 Cent: War Angel & Forever King dropped months ago. Had a buzz with Ok, Ya Right for a while. Gave birth to one of the Best Verses of the year by Royce da 5'9" and another BASTARD of a verse by Crook. Otherwise, no. Some funny parodies, blah blah. Nigga ain't shit. If anything, he could be 10. Chef should be 9.

And todays choice, #8, #fabsteeth Fabolous. Nigga needed to be higher on the list. I Miss My Love, Lullaby, Pachanga, Stay, Imma Do It, ALL DOPE SONGS. Twitter is his stomping ground. Ummm, Did I mention he hasn't missed a step with the lyrics? Well, I don't care:
"My attitude is celebit, I don't give a fuck"
. Oh, yeah, Loso said that. I don't care how commercial Throw It In The Bag was, it's still my shit.

I'll be back sooner or later with another one.

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