Saturday, July 4, 2009


is it illegal to do a walk by and smoke bomb someones car?
I hope not. I'd love too get at the Idiot that my post was about earlier.

I love 4th of July, free explosives.

I Dont Care How Much She Sounds like B.

Karina just kilt her shit.

Jeremih - Ribbon In the Sky.

this kid's getting more and more respect from me. something else like this will make me buy his album. Kid is like, a older me. I just need more singing practice. Cause I just harmonize.


"Tell Fab I Can't put it in the Bag cause the Body too big!"

"Im PS4 HD & the screen is Plasma, Your atari 2600 With A Weak Adapter"

"Ridin' Shotgun With Chris Martin; My DJ, Not the white boy But Im down for the Coldplay"

"Time for some change like Obama in a Laundromat."

Those are just, dope quotes.

Friday, July 3, 2009

You've Been Chopped N Skrewed.

Fake dudes. Kill yourself. Especially if you, can't take jokes you dish out. If you joke about something and someone does the same exact thing, Your ass can't be mad at a nigga! Straight up. example. Someone thinks you said something yet it was someone else on your phone. Okay. Then your like "Fuck You!" before you know it wasn't the person. Alright FuckFace, you just took the L & now you look stupid among all the people that person tells. Ok, so the person that said something tells you they were kidding and that it wasn't the original owner. They are still like Fuck You. StupidAssFucker. You don't care about the friendship and thing you had going on way back? alright smartness.

Oh hell oh hell. Im getting in to deep here. I'll finish it out though. So, you are now, like Chopped N Skrewed. You might not give a damn, you might be crying, you might be making the thermite brick to put on their car engine, whatever you do. So, you run into, not even run-into, you find yourself around the person. You divert yourself to stop confrontation. You hear an insult yelled. You are in your head, thinking about how to hide the body, but you do nothing. Continuing on your path, they continue, and you wish you had a brick to blast them niggas with, but you dont so your out of luck. You'll probably get back with them sooner or later. So who give a fuck for very long, unless you start faking Immigration Letters and scaring them to high hell with the threat of deportation. Or, hell, bashin' mailboxes & bricking their house.

So now your beefing.

Here's your fucking theme song. Learn it. Love It. Sing it whilst hiding the body.

Novel - Suspended Animation [SoulTape]

A new mixtape (a day early at that) from one of my new favortie RnB artist! He did the Soul Remix of Sky Might Fall, which happens to be like, my favorite remix of like, near-all time. So, Suspended Animation, mixtape, just released, here y'all go! Be happy. <3

zShare [shouts to OnSmash]

Yo, Lil Wayne Related:

Is Weezy getting back to his Mixtape Dedication-ish lyircs? We all know Wayne is best on Official mixtapes like Dedication shit. Well, I was just listenin' to Told Y'all and DEAR LORD, that Troll goes in super. Anyone who wants to say that track didn't go in is taking the L. And now Im listenin' to Dedication 2 right now, "Dedication 2". That is and will always be the collection of my favorite Lil Wayne Tracks, end story.

"Wake Up Mudda'fuckas, It's Weezy you gotta a problem, Hats the them bangers no victims we still mobbin', Shiney black coop at night look like a Goblet, AK on the back seat, baby its so vivrant, Watch me let it spray like a hydrant, can't dodge it, You ain't gettin' wet in the rain, its not logic--"

OooohhhhBabbby! (c)jay-z. So, if he does come back with that straight Gudda Hot Spitta Rapidfire Kill'A'Nigga'In'His'Lyrical'Sleep Shit, Imma be scared for y'all rappers who all want to get on a song with him. He will eat you alive then take the track for himself. Jeez. That's just if he comes back with the Straight Head-on lyrics. If he stay on this wack Auto-Tune "Every Girl" type stupid shit, then maybe Jay or Nas or Lupe or DOOM or Mos could murk his career.

That's just my thoughts. Get at that comment box!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Slaughterhouse in the BIIITCH. my only favorite Rap Supergroup is droppin' the first single off their LP comin' August Eleventh! COP THAT. I will. Platinum in about three weeks, I guarantee it. But for now, we got Woodstock Hood Hop (Dirty) & now we got this! It's going to be a dope music year!


Best I Ever Had (Video)

I was bumpin' Drake before the groupies & haters showed up, so shut'fuvv'up (yes, thats how I say it sometimes). So here's the Kanye Directed, Drake Pedophile'd (Horny Coach + Bitties in Tank Tops = SVU's involvement.) video for the [old ass] street single for So Far Gone, one of the dopest mixtapes of the year. And Im saying that BEFORE all the groupies & haters are getting a hold of it. I still dont get the point of buying a single for 99cent off iStupid when its on a free mixtape. But whatever.

get me a video for, Lust For Life, Houstatlantavegas, A Night Off, Little Bit, Uptown, & Brand New. Then I’ll think about forgetting all your little mishaps, Drakie.

So, after you've seen me rant, WATCH THE VIDEO!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Wife.

sweet jesús from the heavens below. my new wife. we JUST got married. <3 (my new obsession, Hayley Marie Norman, is beautiful.)


I myself, I don't see whats the big deal. I mean, Nikes are nice. Supras are dope. But seriously, I don't spend my time glarin' for the bitches. But, I had a change of heart a couple days ago. Because, now, my ass is going to be hard staring for them Supras. I mean, them things is beautiful.

I don't care how much I messed up the shoe small-izing the image, these are fine as HALLLLLLEEEEE BEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYYY, HALLE BERRY (c)hurricanechris.

and apparently, Them Skytops is the shit, like, everywhere.

One of the funniest Videos, Ever. Serious.

"Can't hear what you sayin', Nicka!

I'm immune to ya beats, Nicka!"



MF DOOM. #3 on my top five. I mean, why?

Operation: Doomsday - Dope, but not fabulous.
MM..Food - Doper.
Born Like This - The Word Dope is not enough.

And the side projects? They are too much.

Madvillainy? The word that is above Dope is still not enough. The Mouse And The Mask? It's the end for some you rappers. And The Geedorah album was the best beats. Alllllaaaaahahhhh.

Waaalllaaahh. MF DOOM eats rappers. His samples are out of this world. His FEATURES? Kills 'em. Rock.Co Kane Flow. Whirlwind (I think that was the name). Fire Wood Drumstix. Yeah. I need not provide more. I am dying waiting for that Swift & Changable with Tony Starks.

UNLESS, someone reading happens to disagree with REASONABLE reasoning. lol. Yeah.


Video WrapUp!

Dope Shit. Ace goes in, Ricky is abrupt but still dope, and Jazmine steals the show as always.

Speakin' of Rick The Ripper, He goes in and munches on this track.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Someone Want To Buy Me This?

On the real? I am about to get these shit's for Christmas man. These Speaker's are tight as hell. 76$. I could afford that if I got a job. If you will buy these for me, I will love you forever, lol.

I Really Want Theseeeee, lol.

Chris Brown is a PunkDude.

Can take the biggest L on the planet. That nigga doesn't deserve to preform any such Tribute, Performance, ect. I mean, mistakes I can understand. That Light Skined Biotch new exactly he was poundin' on Rihstupid's face when he was doing it. So for all of you talking about Jay and stuff (you'll probably get maced), it ain't his fault he has a good relationship with Rihstupid[...] as colleges. I mean, all the GhettoGlamGossipGirls love him for whatever bull reason. He can dance, yes. He can sing, sure. He can be Gosh Golly Homo-sess-u-all. But I don't care. That one CHOICE he made, made me hate him for life.

If you want to get like, all political, try me, I can back everything I say. And no, I haven't gone over everything because I want Y'ALL to get at them comments and tell me how you think about Chris Brown and how he continues to set us back years in the struggle.

R&B dancin' ass, sexy flexy ass nigga." (c)riley.

oh, &trust me. I will GET to Rihstupid soon.

BET Awards Craziness.

this was hilarious. I was fallin' out, shit was funny as hell. if a real movie comes out, I will quit.

NEW 'YE! (well, consequence, john legend, and 'ye)

Yeah, It's a big deal. 'Ye is like, Fourth on my top Five. John Legend can sing like a mug. And Cons, well he had a dope verse on Spaceship. spotted at 2db.

Usershare [Clean]

update! Usershare [Dirty]

New Trey Songz!

New Trey Songz mixtape! Trey is dope, so I had to post this.
zShare Link.

Hidden Bonus Track

The Obsessed Video Is Going to Be LMFAO worthy:

yeah. Im wtf-ing too. But this video is going to be hilarious. Straight Dissin' Em all the way though. I can't wait. The song, besides the fact its a diss, is pretty dope. I'll be sure to put it up as soon as it's out.

The L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto.


Street Lights, Glowin':

The entire 808's album was perfection, and here's a video for one of my favorites.

Don't Feel Like Takin' Over...

Lemme Be A Supernovvaaaa.
High Quality Video, here it is.
spotted at my favorite blog site in the world, 2dopeboyz.

Michael Jackson Tribute Like None Other...


R.I.P Mike Jack, The King of Music. spotted at the cyberkirb.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Young Money Pedophiles.

Yeah. If you all didn't see that trife ass performance, you missed a treat! Seriously! Okay, first Drake comes through with his Best I Ever Had joint. I been listening to it, not a big deal. Now, this is where it gets to be pedophile-esque. Drake intro's Lil Troll and he comes on singing. Like, ACTUALLY TRYING singing. And then he was like, "And own that: OH!" with a head twirl and hair spin included. I lol'd hard at that. After which the NiggaSquad Comes in. Man, I wish I could bless, (more like curse), y'all with a video, but they're all down ATM. So the nig squad come in. And I think, right After(?) Drake's chopped part, the lil' tykes come out. I feel so bad for these babies (c)grandmavoice. So, peoples is watchin' goin', "What The Hell Is This?" (c)mims. I was as well. So All Im saying is that, Drake, it maybe not be your fault completely that you have a torn ACL. Understandable. It ain't your fault you can't move.

But a Large Grin & your arm around a girl whispering to her while "I Wish I Could *BLANK* Every Girllll Innn Thaaaa Worlllldddd" is a no no.

You Pedophile "Light Skinned Biotch!" (c)chrisrock

seriously. dude and the YMP squadron needs to get they shit correct before coming on stage with that mess.

this is why we continue to set ourselves back by years at a time.

update! found the video, of course by


Well. Hello there. Welcome to My Black Blog.
Now, before y'all get all, "black blog?", lemme explizzaine.

Im Black. I Rant. I have a individual mind.
So, when I talk, Im going to speak free and with out bars.
Which is how some black folk think they can act.


My ass stays educated. So I have a educated opinion on most'er'thang. seriously.
So, welcome to oblivion.
where your subject to what I think, lol.