Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now, Little Tweens, Don't Flip (Drake);

Drake Has Been Murdered.

I bet every girl reading this spazzed out and had a heartattack. SPEAKING OF YOUR HEARTBREAKING, new Drake mixtape.

Heartbreak Drake Pt. II [Mediafire]


This dropped last night, I was too tired to be posting anything longer than a sentance so whatever. Andre is like #6 or 7 on my Top 10. So dope shit like this is great for my stomach (?). Whatever, just enjoy it lovies.

The 2 Minute Snippet.
2dbz is like, the best blog ever.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Man. Internet Bites Sometimes.

I dont understand the internet sometimes. I mean, sometimes you Need like Wikipedia, Myspace, Facebook, 2dopeboyz, ect.. But, shit is a hassle! (c)nasir As you all know, my internet has been being a total pain since last night. All day I've been clicking my mouse over and over trying to have things load. And then I just, disconnected everything, reconnected and Im back up. that made me SMH like, super hard. And this brings me to my point:

The internet has dumbed down dissing/beefing.

(don't know where that came from? me either). Now adays, disses go over YouTube with some random attempt for more Facebook friends, Twitter follows blah blah. i mean like, Rappers with seriously, INCLUDE THEIR TWITTER NAMES IN RAPS? too much. I just saw that INSPECTOR DECK, one of the wutang cats put a diss of Mouse Budden. I don't understand why in the world he would, but he did. Now, the internet fanboys/girls/e-thuggers are making this a Mouse v. Wu Tang/Slaughterhouse v. Wu Tang thing. I shake my head. It's dumb shit. Mosue was talking about the travesty of a Best Rapper Bracket. I understood what he was saying completely. To me, it was a terrible list. And if it wasn't for the INTERNET, this shit would have never happened.

2Pac & Big didn't do that internet beef shit. They both did that real shit and offed each other. SMH. Jay & Nasir didn't do it e-Thug style either.

But it's whatever.

This is the type stupid shit Im talking about.
this is why we continue to fail.


Ryan Leslie x Rick Ross "Maybachs & Diamonds" In-Studio from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Hot Shit coming from Ross & Ryan. Maybachs and Diamonds should drop on the next album.




yeah, my stuff has been bugging all day, no posts. here, I'll leave y'all with this punk ass Fuck'Riley video. I think, personally, he needs to be banned, like that Nappy Headed Hoes dude. Don King? I forgot what his name was. Oh, I'll leave some other videos too.

Budden replies to The Deck in words, not lyrics.

New Twista shit that looks very dope. Category 5 dropping July 17 I believe.

Jayceon trying his hardest to get at Jay-WillMaceANigga-Z. BP3 niggas! Rappers already mad.

Bill O'Fuckery trys to get at Micheal (Will) Jack(You)son.

& I will post the "The One" trailer in another post cause... It's Slaughterhouse.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Jennifer's Body: Red Band Trailer.

It looks type Sexual-Scary. Like, ugh, It's weird! (mind you I have no business watching it, I really don't care. movies with Megan Fox are bound to be filled with... Megan Fox)

Leala Gagaga.

Laela (I don't know, I just called her that out of no where and I like it) Gaga was just at a press conference. And she pulled a DOOM. I swear.

The last thing I heard this chick on was Chillin'. Put out more shit Lady Gaga(ga)! She isn't that bad, I just hate mainstream. Chick's fashion game is like sand on the beach, off the leash. Lookin' At, Lookin' At, Lookin' At Me...

The Tri-Fecta of Auto Tune Death.

KRS & Buckshot stab it on "Robot"...

Matthew & Lupe Shines down on y'all on "Shining Down"...

and this, which is the icing on the cake. Jay-Z knifes it on with D.O.A.

Ron Browz, DJ Webstar, & many Southern Candycorn CrapRappers are mad.

I know I'd be.

Micheal Jackson Tribute of Tonight!

this is slowly becoming one of my favorite MJ tracks. I'm rediscovering his songs right now.
even though,


it's hard not to stare at a certain part of MJ the entire video. I mean seriously,
HIS HAIR is so ridiculous! (LOL, not talking about hair though.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Forever King [NoDJ Mixtape]

Cool. Not downloading since I see no point. but whatever.

The MJ Tribute Stream.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Okay, well, actually, this is just Highlights. They'll have it up soon. I missed like, the first hour but whatever. It's beautiful. DOOM needs to do a lot of MJ samples now, haha.

Royce's EP! (3 to go)

Go Cop.

Sadly, I can't due the fact of not being able to purchase things over the computer. I have it though, and I wont be posting the link for free download. Go find the shit yourself.

August 11th!

Monday, July 6, 2009


The machine got new shit. it's going to be on Royce's The Revival EP dropping tomorrow. Im sad that it's a digital only drop. But whatever. Im bent on getting it.

Warriors (Dirty) ilove2dopeboyz.

Watching Run's House,

&lol at the fact that Diggy is kind of Fuvvin'Homo-sess-u-all.
It's so funny though, to watch celeb kids to turn out with some preference that ISN'T straight. although I have NO prolem with it. at all. in any way, shape, form, fashion, or inhuman manner.

lmfao. "no maracas in your maracas."

LMAO @ armpit hair comment.

dag. he extra spazzin'. And he kind of, twittled along the floor after her. the commercial made it seem much worse. Wifey lay shit down tough.

I'll update when the show comes back on.


dot dot dot. wow. Jojo get his Grustle on though, seriously.

LOL at the momma trying to get it out of him. I bet the kid has a crush on his boyfriend who sits across the room from him. DEAD! IM DEAD "do you like somebody?"



dot dot dot.

dag, Run layin' it DOWN on momma. "lets stay out of his buisness."

as said, will update when it comes back on.


sup? blogging. sketching. SCHOOL?
Skinny Eyes is Smh-ing. But skinny has faith!

what in the world... he looks like Johnny Dillinger.
RUN SPITTIN' RHYMES? I wanna hear that. hot rhymes on a platter.

my mom would hit me over the fucking head if i got at her like that. LOOK AT HOW HE CROSSES HIS LEGS. dot dot dot dot dot dot. Russ is crossing & Dig got extra hype, haha.

shut up please. Jojo is freestylin!
yo, straight up? That Flip flop line was written, bu it was extra dope.

ew. love moment.


Lol. WOW at fruit talking. yickited-y---

overall, always funny, always informal, intrusive, but who gives le fuvv'?



Looks like a good movie!
Will see!

There you go, check it out!

Do we have nothing better to do?

man, this is just, kind of dumb.
I wouldn't eat them eggs.

tralala, spotted at Kanye's Blog, you all know that place by now.

Rolling Eyes.

Im cutting myself off from people. Jeez. I get blamed on for everything. I get screamed at. I get forced to help, then kablam, Im under the bus with my face against the pavement. So fuck people. If they fuck, you get a brick the the face or through your window. Im done dealing with people. You all need to be buried.

as lil wayne would say: "fuck a nigga's thoughts".

/end of story

Oh, and something else.

Kanye West is one of the genius' of this Rap Shit. In all honesty. Dude was makin' beats for Jay back when y'all was still rockin' Throwback Jerseys! Throwback Jerseys! So, when he got to rapping, the first thing we could all expect was that production would be on-the-fuck point. So, when College Dropout came out, everyone found out dude could rap to the high hevens. Spaceship = One of the Best Hip Hop Songs... ever, IMO. So, more producing, blah blah, & we get to Late Registration. Again, dope dope dope shit. We Major = Another one of the best Hip-Hop songs... ever. So 'Ye is up in your Top 10 maybe, but he just ain't doin' it for you! So then...

he drops Graduation. (mind you I copped that shit.)

Graduation = One of the best rap albums... ever. I Wonder was the dopest thing I heard since, a while. Right then, 'Ye sustained a spot in your top 10, and he was slowly crawling to the top five...

Until 808's dropped.

now, me. 808's & Heartbreak = One of the best ALBUMS, ever. so, everyone is like, Kanye fell off, blah blah blah, white kids love him more now! whatever, I don't care. Ye got #5 with me at Graduation. So now he's coming back with a Rap album and is back in lyrical swing. I say, genius. Accend to Decend and set yourself up to be Carried back up by Fans. Lovely. I may be wrong, but I don't care, thats how I see it @ 2AM.

good night readers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

R.I.P The Six!

MJ, The King.
Farah Fawcett, The Angel.
Ed McMahon
Gary Papa, local Sports Reporter.
Billy Mays, Infomercial God.
Steve McNair.



this picture = the end of mcdonalds if it ever gets around to msnbc.

Creating Your Own Explosives for Smoke Bombs;


both my shits were duds. Imma learn to get my fucking Micheal Weston on though! I swear it! smh. now I just have five small ass smoke bombs. man, today was cool, but whatever, I want real explosives. I've been on my pyromaniac for the last couple days, but Im starting not to care. If the cops get at me, then tell'em to get at me. one love, love.