Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey Folk.

I'll probably post new things tomorrow. Im tired.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Make Her Say Oh, Oh Ohhh Oh:

Coming (probably before) Monday.





Just watched the new episode of Burn Notice-- FIONA IS GOING TO BE SHOT NEXT EPISODE?! I will die if it may be. I will cry. Like, CRY.

this is going to be heartbreaking waiting for the new episode. I'll try to snag a picture.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Rhistupid.

Half joking. I love Rhianna to death, but she's stupid for trying to get back with him. This is the album cover? Where is the parental advisory if it's rated R? Conflict of Interest.

Now, I just got back from Harry Potter's new flick. Dude, that shit was CRAZY, I loved it. Draco was-- That black chick in the beginning? The freak? Yeah, she was so fine. There were many fine women in that movie. Jeez. I have stuff to go do. Peace loves.

Mariah Carey > Eminem.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rap Beef Nigga! (Pt. II)

ehhh no. this is getting to the point of REDUNDANT.

squash it WuTang niggas.

I'm terrible, I feel terrible now:

Ok, it's terrible on how he gets burned so bad.

It's (hard to say but) funny that he continues to dance after the fact and then gets a Gibbs Smack on the back of the head by, everybody.

(ugh, and im very sorry on the Auto Start. I don't know how to stop it.)

Rap Beef Nigga!

INS needs to stop.
or Joe should diss back.

or they could just both stop being MadRappers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bored Now.

Lol. I found my demographics. .5% likely gay couples living in a house in medford. So, that doesn't account for the Moccasin wearing, Bruno Walking, Hair Flipping; lemme stop. I diss people too fucking much. It's getting to be like, something that's like, embedded into my speech.

"Hey Sierra! DID YOU SEE THEM SHOES?! No wait, I mean, did you see Burn Notice?"

Lol. It's terrible. I need to stop and just, yawn. I should stop being the BastardDemon Leviathan and get to being more nice. I need to laugh more. Lol, I choke at Family Guy, every time a watch it. Lmfao. "P. Tear Griffen." wow. I need to just:



Dude, I hardly even listened to Paid in Full, but this nigga is out of his head dope.
And his new album is dropping in the fall (when Flannel is supposed to be in season?) ?! Jeez. I'll be broke this summer unless I get a job.

(IN MEDFORD. LOL. i need to stop obsessing.)

Holy Are You - Rakim

Sorry, Im just going to stream it since I have seen at the 2DopeBoyz place that they have been asked to take it down.


I hate it. lmfao.

Shipoopi? FML.
Marian the Librarian? FML.

the entire book that I have to play for FOUR DAYS, FML!

now, excuse me, I have to look up the demographics for Medford. Do they show sexual orientation in demographics? [...]


If you like Adult Swim bumps, here is a site of them all. I found one of my favorites (Passion by Nightmares on Wax) on it.


To the people that read this blog and come here more than just once, I'd like to thank you all for reading my travesty of a blog. Lol. Now, to the matter at hand today. I found a very nice Hip-Hop T-Shirt website.


There is everything from Rouge Status (the guns that Rob Drydrek wears) to Diamonds Supply & Co. to Rapper Shirts from MF DOOM to J Dilla & B.I.G stuff. I, will probably be buying some shirts later in the year for my intro to Freshmen Mentality. I suggest you go check it out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Exile & DJ Day Makin' MJ Beat.

Hot Shit.
Very Very Very Hot.
spotted at 2dbz along with the trailer below this.

Besouro (Trailer)

shit looks dope. I love subtitles.

Ugh, The Music Man

LOL. Family Guy is besides the fact.
I have to play that shit. smh, too many sharps and flats in that bitch ass play.

Dashin' Fashion:

Lets talk about Plaid & Flannel. I have, ONE. One Plaid/Flannel shirt. It's pretty much the one above. but made by Mecca and it has smaller squares. I absolutely love these. I don't know why, I just do. They are just really, statement point blank like. I am like, on a crusade to find more. Any ideas on where to get them? Seriously. And as I sit here and half watch a James Bond movie, contemplate going outside and disobeying direct orders, and wondering about the kid I'm calling BRUNO in my "The Music Man" pit (fuck Shipoopi, that shit is hard.)--

i wonder.
where I can get some plaid-flannel.

(oh, and im terrible, but that aricept Alzheimer commercial is hilarious. "WHAT A PLEASENT SUPRISE!" hahahahahahahaha)

y'all already know, hit up that comment box, follow, bookmark, all that stuff!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The One Video!

Sex & Drugs & August Eleventh,
Slaughterhouse gon' rule Rap Sales!

Go Cop. Dope Video. Lmao @ Tahiry.

Crack A Bottle!

Oh Baby. This verse make me just want to go party. Video is extra dope, beside the fact they are Lesbians. <3 to 50 for that verse & the War Angel LP, since I have yet to hear all of Foever King.