Saturday, August 1, 2009


Shake 'Em Up, Shake 'Em Up, Shake 'Em Up.

And Here we Come Y'All, Here we Go.

I could have went to this shit. No, Im getting four hours of sleep, seeing Nuclear Reactors, and Almost collapsing from heat exhaustion. smh.


this nigga fell like THAT. rushed that nigga like JFK.

Friday, July 31, 2009

DJ Finesse is eating RNB & FISH.

Lets keep it Ghost today. more like making a RNB & FISH mistape. dope fishscale shit. I managed to push play before the whole sign up thing showed up. :)

"This $#!% makes no F^#$@%! sense"

ghostface ranting = win.

Was out all day.

Had a pretty dope day with the homegirls. Now, ladidadi, may I say that I am very sad that some suckerpuss leaked the Slaughterhouse God of an Album. I, am downloading it. I have to because I am wayyyyyyyyy tooooooo anxious not to. Seriously. I ain't going to link y'all, since I KNOW you'll find it. I might put it up the day before, then take it down. Blah Blah. Im bumping that BK BK BK right now. Maino is spazzin' all over that beat. It's seriously that dope where anyone is soundin' extra dope over it.

BK BK BK Freestyle

No, Im not done.

DJ Hero, the videogame, announces DJ Jazzy Jeff's participation from Miss Info on Vimeo.

I can't wait for this shit.

& one more thing.


Seen it at Miss Info's place, a collection of all BPIII leaked tracks. :)

Good Day.

Soilders in the front, Let ya feet Stomp--

New Only Built for Cuban Linx II track dropped today. A beautiful CDQ brought to you by 2dbz. Lovely right? Ghost & Rae get it in. Meth & INS are nice too. Production by the always paid, Dilla! Nicest Beat Maker, East of the Equator!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seriously, but why?

This is some crazy shit. Em decided to try and "Ether" MC & Cannon. Now, the fact that he is so lethal with the pen is kind of crazy. But what is even more crazy to me is that he would do that to a RNB chick and some dude who doesn't rap anymore. I don't see it. Whatever the reason, Im not one to ignore dpe shit, so like, here you go; the totally unnecessary diss track to MC & Cannon from Eminem!

I Thought I Told Y'all, Imma Starr.

VIDEO: Jeremih- I'm A Star (Everywhere We Are) from LowKey on Vimeo.

jeremih is win. I have to cop his album now.

"Lifes a Game but it's not Fair--"

hey look at this. It's an instrumental! I suspect all these internet rappers to "rip it!" smh.


Nicki Minaj Says She Wants To Turn Foxy Brown Out

praise LGBT.

Obama + Moonwalk and Kick = Hilarity.

this. is. win.

Hello Young Money.

Im not one to ignore good music. And YME got some good music.

Hello Psychward.

if you were to be watching this three times for the rest of your life, you'd go crazy and become a Rorschach Hero-Villain.

Good Lord.

I mean. DAMN.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meth & Red Bustin' Heads.

"This Stankin Ass Bitch!"


"Fuckin' Foul."

*dead x2*

update: fuck partial interviews, here is the whole thing. As for me, I have to buy Blackout Uno & Dos now, haha.

Hi-Hats Baby!

Kill Your Co-Workers - Flying Lotus

Some new Flying Lotus I found-- eh, 8 months new. I put it on Auto since it's lovely background music as you roam the blog loves.

update: pause, um, after hearing that shit, I figured it's loud enough over Background Music (& it's only thirty seconds. lol) It's not on Auto Play anymore. :)

It's The MJ Ignition!

like, Hot and Fresh out the kitchen. I saw this, and I was like, "lul, MJ in the Car gettin' Daown.


Red & Meth?

Just Throw It In The Bagg.

Whoever did this remix is eh. The chopping could have been a hell of a lot better, but it's whatever. But then again, I don't care, Fabo is hell over dope. All we do is shop until we drop-All-All-All-All-All-All-All we do is shop until we drop. The-Dream samples are cool. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Internet is being slow and annoying like. Will have more posts tomorrow loves.

This Nigga: The Game is Lyrical.

No. It's won't be THE MOST LYRICAL LP IN RAP. no. smh.


Goats and their milk, HA, *scoffs.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friend Related Post.

This is my dude Moodie,

you need to check him out. I actually JUST started hearing his music. And yo-- YO, my dude is hella dope. And I'm the most picky person with my bullshitting music. Lupe Fiasco is what he sounds like. Lyrics are like, MF DOOM ish. ISH, no one comes close to the Metal Fingerz. But yeah, just, listen.



This Nigga: With his Camels.

Find more videos like this on : IF IT'S HOT IT'S HERE!

The bloody hell is Jay-Z is wearing a Red Tarp?

update! Yeah, it's th 31st. Um, I just made myself watch this and I like, predicted that Jay-z thing, lol. I hadn't watched it fully when I posted this earlier. Whoo Kid is a suckerpuss.

Yeah, Updates.

Im out and about today with my Best Friend Carrington, eating and shit like that, so you wont get updates until later. Peace NYUGGAS & white people. <3


"Nice Shot Sir, Here is your Cherry Red BMW worth more than your liver." (c)alfred.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

LIVE, from the Chicago Theatre.

Flashing Lights, Through The Wire, Put On & Hey Mama are above. Flashing Lights happens to be my-- FAVORITE Kanye track next to Spaceship.

And here is Jesus Walks, Heartless, Pinocchio Story & Touch the Sky. Love these as well.

spotted at the 2dbz crib.

The Magnetic Artz.

Dag, Found this track over at the 2dbz crib. And lemme just say, this is one of the dopest tracks I've heard in like, a long while. The verses are like, half recycled from Casa Bey, but I don't care since the beat is THAT dope. Just, download and listen to this track from my #11 Favorite Rapper.

SAW VI Teaser Trailer

SAW VI = 6 times the Gruesome?


I love this fucking girl. /end story

more Slaughterhouse.

Nothing exclusive, I just want to explain why I like them so much as to make them my 100th post, spazz like I did, and such. Eh, they have straight lyrics. Hooks are like, at an absences, which Is lovely, it makes me think of DOOM (#3). They niggas are just-- cool. they are on the internet, reaching more of the Hip hop heads, other then that radio shit. I like lyrics. Hooks are alright, but when some shit like the song, Slaughterhouse, comes on, straight lyrics back to back, medulla mashing metaphors, spinal smashing similies, ass aching alliteration, it's all so dope to me. And Im not showing favoritism, cause

If there was new Lupe; I'd be oof the wall.
If there was new Nas; I'd be oof the wall.
If there was new MF DOOM; I'd be oof the wall.
If there was new Kanye West; I'd be oof the wall.
& can't say much on Jay cause he already has new ish out now and I was spazzin.

so yeah. Slaughterhouse = Dope Shit Lyrics. Dope Shit Lyrics = Me Likey.

Snare, Hi Hat, and A whole lot of ENDURANCE.

jeez. Travis > Name a Drummer.
spotted at 2dbz.

This Nigga: You Eat What Little Girl?

this is why we continue to be set back by years at a time.

Best I Ever Had.

This >>>>>> Drake >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lil Wayne.

I hate the fact that I loved this song months before the Drakeboli Virus spreading.