Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rae vs. Bud.

Im loosing faith in hip hop everytime bullshit like this happens.

This Nigga; Just Beat It.

Meka said: "You know home slice has taken his car to the mechanic on some “Do you have any flux capacitors?” type shit, too."

I am saying: "Yo. This nigga be on that bullshit!"

this shit > little kids moonwalking.

Who gon' Run this town?

We are, Yeah I said it we are, it's the dark Ce-zar, in a Dark Cesar...

Run this Town video shoot is lookin' hella fresh. sptted. @ dopehouse.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hey, ladidadi info.

Hey, um. does anyone else notice that Characters on House/Burn Notice end up on Burn Notice/House. I just saw Brennen on House, and I know "Michael Weston" (actor) was the schizo on BN. weird. next we will see Gabrielle & Jeff & EVEN MAYBE POSSIBLY[...] MR. Bruce Campbell! le gasp. also[...]

[second part edited out.]

Just walkin' dead now.

Janelle Monae >>>


Michael Westen >

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Texting & Mp3s.

smh. Im in a rant mood. Im getting really sick of all these people, everyone. Everyone saying: This Technology is going to be the death of us. I mean, I just got back from day 1 of 4 of my pit concerts. And, er, my mom, before I even got the chance to snap my shoulder a bit, is like: "You need to keep them things out your ear. You heard about that girl and the tree fell on her. TOTALLY? LIKE, THE TREE FELL ON HER? AND SHE AD EARPHONES IN? OH HOLY HELL, I GUESS WHILE WERE DRIVING THAT A TREE WILL FALL ON ME (AND NOT YOU DESPITE THE FACT YOUR NEXT TO ME) BECAUSE I HAVE HEADPHONES IN AND I CAN STILL HEAR YOU SPEAKING.

I mean, if the shit is really that bad, then Wal*Mart, Target, and all them other bullshit places can slap a Warning Label of Use at the chance of being Tree Trampled tag on it. Seriously? It's simple. Earphones don't need to mush your medulla with the music. Don't have it so DAMN loud. And if I have them in, DEAL WITH IT. Good God. I've seen plenty of adults on the phone and texting and being overall, irresponsible bastards on the wheel and out'n'about. Walking into people. Smh.

Im off to wait for my Burn Notice that I missed for that godforsaken concert.


ugh, the internet is a funny thing. It's like an ex. Sometimes you want them. And sometimes you want to put a piece of hot metal through their radial artery. Oh well. Shall I humor you all with one of my old posts from my blog before this? It was a myspace one, so don't get all hyph and say Im a fail when It comes to blogging. Lol, I found the best one.

HBA (Heartbroken Anonymous.)~~ "We ask, before you come into our-- HEY, TAKE OFF YOUR DAMN SHOES-- we ask you please this, so you know what we will be helping you to cope with."

1. don't drink laxatives/ be emo !

2.Tacks are friends, NOT WEAPONS.

3. Neon colors make your sad face more noticeable.

4. dont make fun of other ppl !
revised 4.: dont make fun of the one who snapped your heart, you'll wanna break their neckk.

5. look cute (: and act UNPHASED.

6. 808's & HEARTBREAK is required listening material (?)
(there might be a chance !)

7. Don't let that person wave their ass in your face.
addition: But if they do, you're entitled to call him: a stupid white boooy.
double addition: Even if they are (white-acting) latinos!

8. dont let them know they hurt you.

9. dont let them have info on you... or they will screw you over.
addition: unless you're trying to get them jealous !

10. attempt to not speak or make eye contact with them
You'll cry.

(thats impossible.)
NEW 11th step: don't become a pirate and jack your heart-breaker.

12. while in same room as "heart-breaker", rid yourself of all weapons.
addition: even if the thumb tack is ur "friend". Your friend may land u in prison

13. dont trust ANYBODY.

14. Never. Ever. (I mean never) ask them out without reason too.

*common sense in crucial.

16. TOTALLY avoid their (sexy) voice [while they read a part in a play]
addition: ...or anywhere for that matter.

& if you so happen to see his/her gentile area because of skinny
jeans that are JUST TOO TIGHT, get it out of ur head. QUICK.

18. whatever you do, DONT LOOK INTO THEIR EYES.
..or imagine their bangin' body naked! (;
..... OR ELSE.

Yeah. They are to help YOU! Make sure to follow the lovely rules. <3

made in compilation with rissi.
man, I remember that, lol. we had did that in school for me to cope with some crap. lol. Now that I look at it and remember the sit., It looks hilarious.

Hey, Pleasure > Spectacular.

I like this song. It's 808's ish. Im making a depression playlist soon as I DL the mp3. Ugh, It's going to be 3/4th's 808's & Heartbreak; but who gives le fizz. Here's the joint for the masses, your welcome, good day, good night, and the rest of the night.


Your title
Do YOU know what LGBT or GSA stands for?
Why? Are you INVOLVED?
I\'m a Member!

yeah, new series that is a poll. :) this will probably be moved to the side though. a odd question yes, a reason for it, probably. do you really need to know, no.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

man, just one big tech post.

Im not continuously posting ones. I'll give you several ones

this ish is pretty sexiful. :)


32 rifles or 70 handguns? DAMN.

and thar u go laoviiz.

:) sneaky much?

Ladi-dadi-dadi-dadi-daaa, Ladi-daa-laadi-daaa.

Oh, and someone buy me this. More Hurr...


hmm? were trailing farther away from out Hip Hop roots by making things more digital? smh.
(sptted. @ 808's & Cupcakes.)

This Nigga: The Em is Over?

I hope Em gets at these dudes, lol. It will be a laugh. Even though Eminem is so annoying from Dissing MC.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ethiopium. :)

Hey, you know that Skate 2 track? The one on the commercial? NO? Well, you know Supermagic (video coming soon) off Mos' Ecstatic? yeah, Oh No produced that. So, you should be hyph about these neck breakin' Oh No Bangers. :) (sptted. @ 2dbz.)

Hey. It's Rae.

he talking about that Neck Breakin' Dilla Beat.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cr!tical - The Circus

guess what? I made a BeatTape. it pretty awesome sauce. Now, it's just going on here for now, but Imma make this bitch spread like a Gay Rumor at school. I really can't wait til people I don't know start hearing these beats and getting opinion. there are like, 2 tracks that aren't the BEST (aka, Sloppy Choppy), everything else comes together nicely. I myself like Baby Baby, the Cybertronic Opera, & Strings, Keys, & The Choir.

tell your friends. :)

The Real: C'est la Vie, Drake.

C'est la Vie, Drake from jeff on Vimeo.

hahahaha, spotted at 2dbz & lowkeys place. speaking of LowKey, Soulja Bastard is getting hyph at what he was talking about with the Lambo.

New Broadz.

kill yourself.

This Nigga: Black Lambo's & Soulja Boy.

Find more videos like this on HOLLYHOODHDTV.COM

where is Ice-T?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The Nas, Ghost, And Lupe posts are from 2dbz, the Drake is from LowKey's place.

Why this post? Cause.

Worst I Ever Had.


New Nasty Nas.

Hey, new Nasir. There was that track that "C-Sick" produced. It was like a; he won it. Beat is pretty dope, and Nas comes correct as shit. Now, maybe he can get some money off this to pay off that "stankin' ass bitch" (c)methodman, Kelis. She should stop drinking Milkshakes and make another record. Gold Digger, smh.


My favorite Rap artist, ever, has footage from St. Louis. I need to see this nigga before he retires.

all some of my favorite tracks.

Ghost is so stupid, lol.

fun fact: Ghostdini was actually in Burn Notice same episode as Sticky Fingaz named Hot Spot. His character was Tony Soto. get it? Starks. Soto. Slab of Fishscale? smh, just watch the video, I took it too far.

Yo, This shit got me ROLLIN!

Y'all already seen the video. DAMN, that nigga fell HARD. "I Said baby you my everything; BLAOM."

this nigga has got like a reverse horseshoe up his ass. So much bad luck. That video will never get old though. And neither will the picture above. lmfao. Yes, I'm going to Hell driving a Hertz.