Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blueprint Collection: Def Jam Edition? No.

I mean, why not?

Of course I don't have a life, Im Blogging!


oh well, lol, tis funny to muah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mike Eagles.


Run This Town Preview.


Who Runs this Slaughterhouse?

ladidadi. more Slaughterhouse.

Lectro Black (Last Train To Paris Mixtape)

I have yet to listen, but Im a fan of Raving Autotune Techno Music, so yeah.

Stage Dive!

Red&Meth: Crowd Walk x Stage Dive from on Vimeo.

lmfao. What if Redman missed after leaping from the speakers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009



Sign Keep Drop (Groups!)

Sign: Okay, so were onto groups today. I think I'll probably keep it Hip Hop. Um, lets get started. Signing? I'm taking Slaughterhouse. Now, on a Fan side, I love Slaughterhouse. End of story. On a business side, they are the biggest Internet phenom right now. End to your story. The (absolutely Internet fueled) Slaughterhouse album is pushing 25-50k first week? dope. Not sure if that counts for crap, but I think this is pretty good being a Internet group. Where the Internet downloads your shit and forgets to actually buy it. Otherwise, I want Slaughterhouse. I'd make them bigger than Soulja Boy's bullshitting fan base.

Keep: Outkast. There album Speakerboxx/Love Below went Diamond? DIAMOND? Your mine until death do us part. Lyrics? Top Notch. Fan Base? Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE has heard of Outkast. People will buy. I mean, on the label, things would actually be being released, so people wont be like, missing Big and Dre during hiatus'. Mixtapes. Random single song drops to keep people interested. All that good good. So Outkast + Regular Music = Holding Your Spot as Dopest Two Man Group.

Drop: Sorry Wu Tang Clan, I feel like this was coming. I mean, you guys were dope way back when. Your relevancy is dipping. No albums in, ever, just compilations with all y'all on 'em and RZA producing all of it. I mean, artists in Wu Tang are over dope. Just, the group together wouldn't work. I'd Sign & Keep Raekwon, Ghost, & Meth in a hot second. Everyone else, not so much. I would just keep it more solo, which your all doing now, so yeah. it'd be good to have a big group feature on someones album once in a while like House of Flying Daggers; other then that, just no. And you have controversy that the label wouldn't need. Totally.

Rae vs. Bud. Broken Down.

Yeah. Thats whats I think of it.

Ghost Over More Fish.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hurricane RuPual!

Making his or her way up the coast.


Hey, New Game! #SignKeepDrop!

Sign Keep Drop!

"Ever wish you could run a record label? Here’s your chance…sort of! Ever since a majority of you were little snot nosed booger pickers, you’ve craved something to call your own. As some of you got older, you were exposed to this thing called hip-hop; a pass time that let you live through it vicariously.

We had our favorites coming up. Some of us loved Biggie. Some of us loved Tupac. A batch of us couldn’t stand Nas’ poetic excursions, which swayed us to Jay’s flashy tales of Cristal and Benz coupes. While on the other hand a crop of us appreciated Nasir’s “realistic” take on life and his perspective from the other side of the tracks.

We’d argue about who was better, who we’d sign, who’d we drop, who’d we pair up for a mixtape and even an album. And of course, the chatter of “Who would you sign to your label” was endless.

In an atmosphere where new, established, and veteran artists are getting signed, dropped, traded and everything in between on a daily basis, it’s almost as the consumer is dictating such moves. Radio isn’t as influential as it used to be. Mixtapes are becoming debut albums and blogs are the new A&R reps.

And since I love to debate on issues such as these, I decided to share my opinions and theories with my faithful followers of SoundOff because I know for damn sure EACH and EVERY one of you is just as opinionated as I am- AINT THAT RIGHT?

So, without further ado I”m pleased to present a new installment that I like to call “Sign, Keep, Drop”. It’s simple- I list three artists in the order of “Sign, Keep, Drop”. Within that list, I will give specific reasons and theories as to why I’m delegating the choice of “Signing”, “Keeping” or “Dropping” them. Tempers will flare and feelings will get hurt.

And if you’re an artist reading this, refrain from taking this personal and airing me out on a blog. I didn’t see none of that hostility when your label dropped you, so why flex muscle on me??? READY, SET, GO!"

there is a lovely explanation from UHTN's Blogger LowKey's BET Blog, Sound Off. He's been playing the game on Twitter(/TheBlackStarr, follow me. :] ) for a bit and he introduced it on the blog. The game is fun and mind boggling at times, so as he said on that excerpt, READY, SET, GO!

Sign: Being this is the Hip Hop Freshies Edition, lets see who is getting Signed. Heres the ten XXL Freshmen Wale, B.o.B, Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, Cory Gunz, Blu, Mickey Factz, Ace Hood, Currenc$y, Kid Cudi. Now, the one who'd be SIGNED to my label? Definetly Kid Cudi. I mean, dude fan base is the one half of thoses who are mainstreams and do not care for music-- but the others, actually like the music. His music isn't rap. It's not Jazz. it's like a really big vat of colors. Now, these colors aren't nessecarily mixed to make that ugly Grey it will always turn to, you can SEE the diffrences and appreciate them. Dude can sing. Dude can rap. He is a musician. So yeah. :)

Keep: Next is the keep. Who would be staying on my label? Well, this may be odd to some of you but Im taking Currenc$y. Dude is the connect to the hood, persay. His rhymes are well, albeit, dope. No album, and he has been around for like, awhile? Word. He was on Dedication 2 (AKA The Last dope thing Lil Wayne came out with). Yeah, so thats whats up. How High is extra dope. If I could, I'd sign Wiz Khalifa & Currenc$y together as like a group. But oh well. I'll do groups next time, maybe they'll make that draft round.

Drop: Ooooooo. Hahahahahaha, this is fun. I'm not even going to sugarshit it. Bisher Roth, buh-bye. I mean, your cool. You get stoned. You rhyme. We get it. Really, I don't see the depth of the rhymes. I don't see anything to you. If you were to my (Gay-Friendly) label, you'd probably be forced to come out since I could see you being pretty VOUGE off camera then all macho Women blow my wingding, lets blow some dro BLAH BLAH BLAH. Seriously. Album was wack except for like three tracks. Me thinks that he needs to step the pen game up and come out.

so yeah, first installment of SIGN KEEP DROP on THIS site. Any other place doing it has prolly been doing it for a while. lol. :)


one of the dopest singers ever, rocking a live performance. :)

Excuse my mood but this is Dope.

oh my. why, this. This could make me buy an album by itself! But it's Cudder; so I was already going to. Sept. 15! (I think thats the date.) Now, if you can excuse me, I have a shower to be in and then a outside to be at.




god. i hate dealing with people that get on my nerves. i have a small boiling point.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"Tell me I'm hated most in the world."

fuck bitches get money.
/not really.

im off to watch a meteor shower.

Mirrors & Masqurades.

I'd pay good money for them shits.

Slaughterhouse knows Rap People.

I enjoy Slaughterhouse. They are hilarious off the music. And for anyone who is going to call me a SH Dick Sucking Faggot, your welcome.

via. RapRadar along with two posts below this

Royce would do what he said on Killaz?!

ruh roh.

(fyi, this beef shit got old to me yesterday after it all happened)



Slaughterhouse and MTV?!

Joseph is right though. Em will be like 6 and Jay will be 4 maybe.

lmfao, Canadians.

east coast bitches!

ThrowBack Freestyle - Can-i-Bus, Big Pun, Dmx, Mos Def, Mic Geronimo & John Forte

good god. its a good day in hip hop. I love watching freestyles seeing I can't do it. I only write. Slaughterhouse in stores now.


"Anyone that knows me knows I would put the 500 pounds of weed of a plane, not a bus."

(the title? I don't know.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

G'Night (With Quotes.)

“The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”

“Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”


Im leaving tonight with these quotes cause Im on a contradictory war trip. No reason, Im Self-Diagnosed Bipolar so my mood changes like this. No, I don't change it myself, it's what I feel at the time. Y'know how that is. Love > Hatred > Loner > Ecstatic > Total Weird > Content. Or is that the hormones kicking in? oh well. these quotes hit with me. they are true.

This Russian: Rap, why try? Pt. III

seriously? iQuit.

This Russian: Rap, why try? Pt. II

Y'all thought I was done? no. The still? Win. The Video, wow.

This Russian: Rap, why try?

lmfao, Im lmfao'in right "f(l)ucking" (c)@mousebudden now. I was told by someone to watch russian rap after I had ambitions to learn it. (thrid language.) I see why. The shit is hysterical. I wan't to embed the "Gimmie That" one where they actually rerecorded it in Russian. I mean. Lil Wayne-- in russian. Chris Bitch-- in russian. ohmaigudness that is funny.


All this beef needs some background music. Escape Route Midnight. Slaughterhouse tomorrow. Nice day in hip hop; I hope it goes Gold/Plat.

@mousebudden vs. @raekwonicewater

god damn. LowKey be on his shit. Joe JUST ended his broadcast.

Joey Live Stream.

joebuddentv- Broadcast your self LIVE

ugh, Budden wants to fight the big Chef. smh.

The Escape Route

01. Intro
02. Anti
03. Never Again
04. World Keep Spinnin’
05. Forgive Me
06. State of You
07. Good Enough
08. No Comment
09. We Outta Here feat. Slaughterhouse
10. Clothes on a Mannequin
11. Freight Train
12. Connect 4 feat. Young Chris

10 Drugs you don't take while driving.

I lol'd at LSD and Ecstasy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Fly Am I?

damn. this shit is DOPE! [/pun] nothing more to say.

Untitled - R. Kelly.

1. Crazy Night (feat. Rock City) [Prod. by Lil’ Ronnie]
2. Outta Tha Game [Prod. by Chris “Deep” Henderson]
3. Exit [Prod. by Jazze Pha]
4. Echo [Prod. by Infinity]
5. Like I Do [Prod. by Carlos “Los Da Mystro” McKinney]
6. Fallen From The Sky [Prod. by T-Town]
7. Elsewhere [Prod. by Chris “Deep” Henderson]
8. Number One (feat. Keri Hilson) [Prod. by Roy Hamilton]
9. Religious [Prod. by Todd Dickson]
10. #1 Fan [Prod. by Carlos “Los Da Mystro” McKinney]
11. Be My #2 [Prod. by Jack Splash]
12. Supaman High (feat. OJ Da Juiceman) [Prod. by Willy Will]
13. Pregnant (feat. Tyrese, Robin Thicke, The-Dream & Maxwell)
14. Text Me
yeah, I was serious. Im afraid to listen. It might get me Male Impregnated through the speakers. wait. pause. It's going to be very very stimulating.


"LowKeyUHTN R.Kelly- "Pregnant" (feat. Tyrese, Robin Thicke, The-Dream & Maxwell) Oh now this is just ABSURD and every girls wet dream. JJAJAJAJAJA"

yo. straight up, that could be ANYONE'S Wet Dream. I don't give about who it is.
holy crap. I can't wait, oh my. oh my. Black Ty. Robin Thicke, RNB Gorilla, Maxwell, & the Pied Piping Key In Ignition Stepping Kelly himself? oh god. I hope it's like, 6 minutes long with each person getting two verses. The hook can just be, "I wanna get you Pregnant tonight." lol


whoa. weird. seen at 'ye's blog.

Harajukuuuuuuu, STRIKE!

the majority of the video, I watched her chest. dear god, them is large. *is not a voyeur.

This Nigga: Rae vs. Bud. Pt. III

niggas are making this more and more like, a Perez Hilton punch. All this vloging. smh, I just want a picture of the punch. even though, I like Budden and 'kwon equally.

King Nasdanasty?

for the record, if someone gets me this, Im Yours [/end]
like, Im yours. Do what you will, all I want is the chain, lol. nah, Joking. I don't mesure my success in money that went to ill will which could have went to the bank which is now going to this "Stankin' Ass Bitch" (c)methodman. (Yeah, that will NEVER get old.)

This Nigga: Rae vs. Bud. Pt. II

got picture from nah right. So as you can see, shit was going down. You can see the chefs quick fish chopping-sushi making hands in a "You know what the Fuck Im talkin' about NYUKA!" It was prolly the Random Bee that stole Joey. I myself would diss the affiliate and not suffer the weight of all them kilo's Rae talks about. or you can just (listening to this right now) Cut Him Loose.

we'll see if Ghostface comes in and pushes one of them (Yeah, either one of them-- that nigga is Bipolar like The Game) down a flight of stairs.