Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're A Jerk, SIKE.

I have a new found love for "You're a Jerk" & Jerkin. I still think both of the shits are RE-TARD-DED. But it's soo funny. Lol, I love to do that shit. That and the song's instrumental is just, craazzyy. Love It.




is today. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Burnett needs to keep his pitching good. These sucky ass things are starting to annoy. Watching Yanks V. Angels (Rejects)? I am.



The foolery starts @ 2:05. Spotted at that white boy Mike Waxx's site.


Go pick up your Nigucky Grilled Chicken on Moday. You can get like, a free piece or some idiotic mess.

I hope they epic #fail again. smh.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Haters Freestyles


Natural Born Killaz


hsg ain't nothin' to fuck with.

:D Whenn Shee Came Alllooonnnggg

Uh, Yes. Thank You.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have a MyTouch, but whatever. TEACHERS TOOK MY PHONE FOR, NO APPARENT REASON. smh. I hate school sometimes.

What's a #balloonboy.

I SMH'd at the whole thing.

#balloonboy wants to fly, I'll get a NFL star to punt him off into the stratosphere.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Travy x Slaughterhouse.

Get It Traaaaavvvv.

Meeee. :D

Why no, Im not


long lost cousin in-law twiced removed with a heart transplant.

i'm sexy tho. :D

(she knows it.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soundboard II

Dirty Money x 1 0 Shit & Toilet

Besides the coonery in the beginning. Lol, the nigga lost his ring. But I thought with makin' it rain we were Off That? Oh well; Dirty Money is dope.

My List: Classic Albums.

BTW; your not going to find much Hip-Hop on this.

& heeeeerrree we go:

This is based of straight re-playability and non-skip ability. From the first song we start dumping gallons of sugar into this cup'a tea. That continues until the album finishes you off with a Sugar Induced Coma. Shawty is da Sh*t! all the way to Mama. Incredible album. & I think the Auto Tune on Mama owns most of it now.

Favorites: I Luv Your Girl; Nikki; Livin' A Lie; Mama

Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae

Like Dream's album, simply amazing. If I skip a track, it's because Im going straight into a song that's isn't number one. And even at that, I still can't skip after such. My friend Alicia STILL loves Put Your Record On. And that dropped waaaayyyy the fuck back in Feburary of 2006. The entire album is my favorties. There will be like 4 songs left off.

My Favorites: Like A Star; Put Your Record on; Call Me When You Get This; Breathless; I'd Like To; Butterfly

Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor

Best Hip Hop album ever, in my opinion. From the first "bismi-llāhi ar-raḥmāni ar-raḥīmi" till the Outro (Or "What It Do" if you had the bootleg when it dropped way back when), the album is filled with Story, Features, Magnificent Beats, & the basis for the whole thing; Mind Boggiling Lyrics. Now, when Lupe is TRYING to mess with you/making a wordplay song, your going to know it. Lines like:

"Made me a Ripper, Deliver like River;
Content a Lil' More Thicker, Slicker;
And they say oil and water dont mix;
now they all down at the beach washin' off the fish."


"I put it on my Grandmama's Daughta;
My microphone control of the soul of slaves hummin' "Wading In The Water";
I author like DW brother, like a hustla;
God place me in ya armor, I perscibe no partner;
I do it for the hood like a parka;
Tell my niggas never shiver, only quiver like an archer is;"

I need not say nothing else.

Fav. Tracks: Everything But Real & The Instrumental, although they are still Ultra Dope.

Yeah, that's my three. Madvillain would be up here, but I need to stretch, haha.


(I guess camel [Jay] & sippy-sippy ['Ye] got to know each other... and made a child.)

King Leon

Some new shit from @drakeanooiiiiirrrrdddkkk or whatever the fuck his twitter is. Just know it's dope and I like it. Because, my opinion is the only one that matters? lol.

Remember when So Far Gone dropped waaaayyyy the fuck about in Febuary? No? You just heard of Drake? Thought so.