Thursday, October 29, 2009

Score & My New Fav. Commercial.

1 - 1 BIIITCH.

"He Can Speak French; In Russian" FTW.

Empire State Of Mind @ MLB Game 2

It's Philly Up 1. We BETTER come the hell back.

Wasted [Official Remix]- Gucci Ft. Wayne, Birdshit, & Jada.

The State vs. Radric Davis in stores on DecemBURRR 8th. And then again, I don't care and nor do most of you who like "GUCCI" due to no one BUYS CD's besides me anymore. :D What's a Gucci Mane? I dont know either.

Wasted Remix.

&what is this? No Ceilings to this shit? booo.


Say Something Freestyle.

Shit is soooo tough. I can't wait for Lasers.


Yankees better win tonight, or someones going to be hurt. Myself mostly. After I hurt you arrogant Phillie teams.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Get the shit together, We NEED TO WIN.


Jesus Em&Joe&Black&Mos&Nicki. Don't kill them like thaaatt.

BISD did leak.

But I don't feel like looking for it, so here's some tracks off it.

No Ceilings.


Oh, yeah.


"01 Swag Surfin’
02 Ice Cream Paint Job
03 D.O.A.
04 Interlude
05 Wasted
06 Watch My Shoes
07 Break Up f. Gudda Gudda & Short Dawg
08 Banned From TV
09 Throw It In The Bag (rmx)
10 I Think I Love Her f. Tyga & Shanell
11 Interlude 2
12 Wetter
13 I’m Good f. T-Streets
14 Make Her Say f. Jae Millz
15 Run This Town
16 I Gotta Feeling
17 Outro"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The third has me spazzing.

Dead Wrong [RMX] - Nicki Minaj

This is what I dont understand. How rappers go from shit like this (which is Dope!) to. Ugh, Young Muuullllaaaaaaahhhh Bayyyyybayy.

TWITTER BEEF Feat. Nicki Minaj & Wale

Monday, October 26, 2009


Horse Shoe Weekly

Yeah, your welcome.

Jay-Z = Better Than CEO.

Can't wait to see it. 12 tho? REALLY MLB?!?!?!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


lmfao. that shit is hilarious. the UFC Match starts @ 2:05

Gucci = Stupi(do)

Beautiful folow up post of Gucci Mane's best Rap ever.

Why?: Symbolism in Music Edition.

Hey, um. I don't care if you agree or disagree. Post why so and so so and so i nthe comment box. Now, onto the show.

Last year or so, I got introduced into Freemasonary, Illuminati, Symbolism, That type shit. Now; Im not saying F' ALL that stuff. But I am saying a good 66.7% of it is complete bullshit. I think Im going to split this up as to the aspects of which things I believe & why and the opposite.

Illuminati & Them Freemasons - Now, here is the thing with this. I am almost positive that there IS a group. That is something that is mostly, undeniable. But has been pushed to the point of OVERT. I mean, this is how it's percieved to everyone now: everyone who is more famous then William Hung is apart of it. Kind of sad. lol. But seriously, Everyone from Hannah Montana Kentucky to Neo is in it. But here's the thing. They want to rule the world. How are they going to rule ANYONE if EVERYONE is in it.

Now, when it comes to Music Artists in this stupidity. Apparently, this is the main way that the Pussy Organization (equal to the KKK spready Propaganda over YouTube. #fail.) speaks. Here is an exerpt from a (overly) conspiracy websit, Vigilant Citizen where they are speaking on how Lady Gaga is like, Miss Minati.

"After carrying out her murderous mission, Lady Gaga is more popular than ever and reaps the rewards of being an Illuminati slave."
Really? Lady Gaga is going to kill someone with her muffin that she's bluffin' with? Like, just stop. It's really stupid that people LOOK for these types of things or have plagued their brain to the point where you see EVERYTHING AS such. If there is something Irrefutable, like:

we're like, second cousins. :|

Im not just going to be like, Oh, It's just a coincidence. They are either playing the shit out of half of the internet, Orrrrr, the conspiraciziers are right. Where do freemasons come into this you ask. You think: "Aren't they them old farts that wear the hats?". Well yes. But like the Illuminati; everyone is apart of it. But, lol, really though. IN all actuallity, MAD famous people are Masons (and there for, should die.) Im not understanding SYMBOLISM though. So there is backmasking in your song & a lot of horses & horns and bare chested females. AND? My Brain ain't LOOKIN for it. So It ain't gonna SEE it. Simple. I hate how people say that "Your Brain recognizes it." Like, shaut aup, rly.

I don't feel like typing anymore, so yeah.

Lil Wayne - Run This Town [Freestyle.]

I crossed out freestyle cause, who the hell does that anymore. It may be a WriteStyle. Something you JUST wrote. But no, no such thing as off the dome anymore.

Run This Town [Usershare]

& btw. he kills it. NO CEILINGS will be the DEDICATION 2 of NOW-Wayne.